The Islands


More about where the series came from and that all important disclaimer


This is a dark fantasy series, with dark humour, dark themes and it's fairly obvious where the series title came from. Nothing in this book is intended to offend or shock, but some people may be uncomfortable by the gore, language and sex. IUnfortunately this is a story about zombies and vampires, worse still it has my twisted take on the world... You have been warned - L E Fitzpatrick

Inspiration and Bibliography


Sources of inspiration come in all shapes and sizes, but I think it's fair to say if I hadn't read the Gentleman Bastard series by Scott Lynch, Dark Waters would probably still be in the shadowy corners of my imagination. These books taught me to unleash my imagination and push myself into worlds without boundaries. I reccommend them to every fantasy lover that will listen so get yourself to the nearest book shop and buy a copy.

Whilst writing Dark Waters I tried to read similiar genres to keep myself on track. One of the most useful books that kept me going was the Pirate Devlin, which is more historical fiction than fantasy, but it is very well researched (putting my own work to shame) and packed full of adventure.

Other authors such as John Connolly, G W Dahlquist and Neil Gaiman have also inspired me as an author.

I've already mentioned that research isn't my strongest point, but I wanted to deliver some degree of accuracy to my work. Luckily piracy is a pretty fascinating subject with the right narrator and the following, if you are interested are source materials that became my nautical bibles:

If a Pirate I Must Be - Richard Saunders (which is about the greatest pirate of all Bartholomew Roberts)
Life Amoung Pirates


When Dark Waters was still in its bare stages I used to travel to work on the bus with my MP3 player in hand, most of what I listened to provided me with the background music of the series, bands such as Flogging Molly, The Tossers, The Dropkick Murphies and Gogol Bordeilo have claim to a number of chapters and if I ever get rich enough to afford the royalties Dark Waters will get a pretty rocking soundtrack.

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